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How to Debunk the Green Products from the Not So Green

When it comes to cleaning your home, you can’t go wrong when using green cleaning products. But many homeowners often find it difficult to determine regular cleaning products from green ones. After all, what determines whether or not a cleaning product is green? Here at Mopfrog, we only use green cleaning products, and we’d like to share a few tips with you about choosing eco-friendly products to clean your home with. 

Understand that there are many green products

From toilet bowl cleaners to moping products, there are many green cleaning supplies for you to take advantage of. In fact, did you know that Americans spend around $600M each year on cleaners? And this is just the monies they spend on products that are supposedly eco-friendly. 

Purchase from retailers you trust

Although many cleaning products claim to be eco-friendly, this doesn’t mean they are. This is why you should always purchase your cleaning supplies from retailers you trust. More importantly, purchase the products from companies that go to great lengths to prove how green their products really are. 

Always look for third-party certification

Next, you’ll want to make sure the products you are investing in have certification of some sort through a third-party. There are two primary third parties that you should look for approval from, including EcoLogo and Green Seal. When purchasing cleaning supplies that have been approved by these parties, you can rest assured that they are eco friendly. In order to receive certification through these two entities, a product must go through extensive industry-standard cleaning tests. All ingredients must be disclosed as well as the possible effects if the product was to be ingested. 

Furthermore, products that are friendly to the environment will have went through testing that ensures they don’t have negative effects on the planet, including both human and nonhuman life. The products must be biodegradable, and they can’t be acutely toxic to fish or algae. Additionally, there is a limit on the amount of phosphorous that the products can contain. And lastly, the products must be packaged in containers that are recyclable. 


If you’re looking for green cleaning products, your best bet is to invest in ones that have the Green Seal. And don’t forget that when taking advantage of Mopfrog’s cleaning services, your home or business will always be cleaned using today’s latest environmentally-friendly cleaners. 



What are 5 cleaning games to play with your kids

It is awfully difficult to get the kids to clean around the house.  Kids are bombarded with stimuli from computers to video games, friends, sports, TV and more. While most youngsters are willing to do their fair share of chores, few want to clean anything in the house. However, if you make cleaning a little bit of fun, your kids will be motivated to tidy up. Incorporate these cleaning games outlined below and you will be shocked at how much better the house looks.

Dress Up

Have your kids dress up like maids and butlers. They will feel as though they are performing the duties of the character as they move about the house sweeping, dusting and scrubbing. Get in on the game yourself by dressing up with an apron, a maids cap or a butler’s bow tie. If your kids are young and imaginative enough, they will get a kick out of cleaning as a maid or butler.

Timed Cleaning

Sometimes, all kids need is a bit of a challenge to become engaged with an activity. Have your kids compete with one another to see who can clean their assigned space the quickest. You can even offer a prize to the winner. Or, provide them with “missions” that must be completed in a certain amount of time, similar to Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible movies. You can even play the hit movie’s theme song while they scrub away. Just be sure to arm the kids with green cleaning products for a completely safe and thorough home clean.

Play Cinderella

If you have daughters, they will love to play Cinderella with you. Take the buckets, rags and vinegar out of the water for a thorough old school clean. You can wear hankies on top of your heads and dress up like Cinderella as you scrub the home’s floors, counters, sinks etc. If your kids eventually get tired of their play roles and you are still left with a lot of space to clean, reach out to the cleaning experts at Mopfrog of Danbury. We will clean your home in an eco friendly manner with green products that keep your family safe and sound.

Film a Commercial

Some kids really love to imitate what they see on TV. Your youngsters might enjoy pretending that they are filming a cleaning commercial when they are tidying up the house. Have them recite sales pitches and phrases they’ve picked up from TV infomercials and it just might catalyze them into cleaning the home from top to bottom. 

I Spy Cleaning

Play a game of “I Spy Cleaning” in which family members take turns “spying” things that need to be cleaned or put away. Once someone can guess the object that is being hinted at, the person providing the clue will clean it. Keep the rotation going so that everyone pitches in for a comprehensive cleaning effort. You’ll find that this game really motivates the young ones to eliminate clutter and clean quite quickly so they can move onto the next round of I Spy Cleaning.

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The Green Guide: How to Be Greener at Home

It might seem like a big commitment to be kind to the environment. But in actuality, there are many small steps you can take on a daily basis that create a significant impact. This green guide gives you simple ways you can make a difference.

Change Your Showerhead

Choose a showerhead with a spray of 1.5 gallons a minute, which can keep you from wasting almost 15,000 gallons of water every year, explains the This Old House website. You can also save water in the shower by taking faster showers or turning the water off when you lather. 

Set Your Air Conditioner When You Go Out

When you’re leaving your home, turn up the temperature on your air conditioner. This will keep it from trying to cool down the house when no one is home to enjoy the cold air. This habit saves you from wasting electricity, and will keep your bill lower as an added benefit.

Switch the Setting on Your Washing Machine

Set your washer to the cold setting when you do your laundry. Heating water for the wash requires about 90 percent of the energy the washing machine is using, according to Energy Star, so switching to cold will save all of that energy. Cold water is usually sufficient for cleaning the clothing effectively. 

Use Green Products

Cleaning with eco-friendly products gives you a simple way to help the environment while significantly improving the indoor health of your home at the same time. Standard home cleaning products that you buy off store shelves generally contain harmful chemicals that can pose problems to you and your family’s health and that are considered hazardous to the environment. Instead of using these typical cleansers, look for alternatives that are considered non-toxic and safe for the environment. Mopfrog of The Hamptons cleans homes with environmentally friendly products that are non-toxic, effective and have a Green Seal for meeting environmental standards. 

Stop the Water From Running

Brushing your teeth with the water running does nothing except waste water. By turning it off, you save as much as eight gallons of water a day if you brush twice a day, notes the EPA. 

Check Your HVAC Systems

Changing or cleaning dirty filters in your air conditioning and heating systems can save a significant amount of energy. This is because dirt clogging up the filters blocks the air from flowing as it should and makes the system run harder, using more energy.

Switch Your Lightbulbs

If you use traditional incandescent lightbulbs throughout your house, change them out for compact fluorescent lamps, light emitting diodes or halogen incandescents. Depending on the type and the situation, these energy-efficient options last up to 25 times longer and tend to use 25 to 80 percent less energy than the regular options, explains Energy.gov.

Whether you decide to follow a few of these tips or all of them, you’ll be doing your part to help the world around you. And be sure to pass this list along to your friends and family because the more people who make small changes, the healthier the environment.

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