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School Cleaning

A school is a commercial space that requires a lot of continued cleaning throughout the year. After all, no matter how careful the students and teachers are, there are bound to be messes and dirt. However, no one wants to work in or attend a school that is cleaned with harsh chemicals. Luckily, Mopfrog Brooklyn is available to offer eco-friendly cleaning services in Brooklyn that are ideal for schools—among other commercial spaces.

The Mopfrog Brooklyn team is made up of experienced, friendly cleaning professionals, of course. However, our cleaning team is focused on more than just getting your school clean; we are also dedicated to doing it in an eco-friendly, “green” manner.

We use only non-toxic, non-chemical based cleaners and the latest equipment to assure that we clean your school well, without risking the environment. Plus, we know that cost is always a concern, so we offer several flexible cleaning plans, including one to meet every budget.
If you require further info about our school cleaning services we offer in and around Brooklyn, contact us today. We’d love to make your school cleaner and help you rest easy with the knowledge that our process is always eco-friendly.

Office Cleaning

Many people spend more time at the office than they do anywhere else, except maybe their homes. So why should your office be less than perfectly clean, fresh and appealing? Let Mopfrog Brooklyn help you make your office sparkle.

We offer several office cleaning plans—all of which are designed for your particular needs. Whether you require re-occurring cleaning, or you simply need to get a new office ready for moving in, we can help. We offer an option to meet every budget and every need.

In addition to providing superior cleaning services for Brooklyn offices, Mopfrog is focused on eco-friendly practices. Using eco-friendly techniques mean that you can feel confident that your office will be safe for you and your employees, plus you will feel good about doing your part to take care of the environment.

While a clean office is a priority, time is always an issue for business owners. Don’t waste your time trying to do it all yourself, or settle for a cleaning service that doesn’t take being green seriously. Call us at Mopfrog Brooklyn and schedule your service today. A clean office is just a phone call away.

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