What Mom Tried to Teach Us About Green Living

September 17, 2019

momvacuumMom taught us a lot while we were growing up. Thanks to her, we know some useful lessons to help us manage the care of our own families and homes. Much of what mom taught us is not only wise, but also frugal, healthy, eco-friendly and very relevant for today. If you are having trouble remembering all the lessons your mom tried to teach you, the list below may help refresh your memory!

Use it Up…

Growing up my mother always said, “waste not, want not.” This theory was applied to many areas, such as food or turning holed socks and worn out t-shirts into soft, absorbent cleaning cloths. Why spend money on expensive paper towels and dust mops when your family is always generating a constant supply of these cloths from their out-grown, worn or stained clothing items.

Use What You Have…

Purchasing special cleaners for each specific cleaning need can become very expensive, not to mention causing a storage problem. Instead, Mopfrog of Brooklyn, a family owned and operated eco-friendly cleaning franchise, suggests figuring out what you already have that can be used for special cleaning problems that crop up, such as:

  • Using ketchup to clean tarnish from copper cookware
  • Using toothpaste to polish silver
  • Using citrus peels to freshen smelly garbage disposals
  • Using salt to remove wine stains on carpet

Use a Good Daily Cleaning Strategy…

Grease, cooking spills and dirty fingerprints only get worse with time. Learn to keep a sink half-full of hot, soapy water and clean pots and pans, rinse dishes and load the dishwasher as you cook, instead of allowing these messes to sit for hours and become very difficult to clean.

Keep a spray bottle of a vinegar cleaning solution, containing your favorite essential oil, nearby while cooking to quickly and safely sanitize and freshen food prep and eating areas.

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