How to Use Recycled Products for DIY Projects

September 24, 2019

Living a "green" life, one that promotes environmental consciousness and is neatly aligned with Mopfrog of Loudoun‘s values, is a rewarding one. Not only is it ethically responsible, it’s liberating, refreshing, invigorating, creative, and even fun. Every day, millions of people throw away things that they don’t need to.

Truthfully, what’s one person’s trash is an eco-friendly person’s next favorite arts and crafts project.

Old or Ripped Clothing

When it comes to fashion, "green" is the new black.

Before discarding items in wardrobe, consider updating them instead—bohemian styles and "hipster" chic are all the rage right now. Patch holes with fabric made old clothes, and tidy up tears by sewing on zippers. Really crafty recyclers can even turn discarded cloth into bags or balls of yarn.


Recycled products make for great item storage. Jars (and other cylindrical objects like candle containers) make great homes for knick-knacks, makeup, hair accessories, writing utensils, and other office supplies; all they need is a cleaning and a crafty coat of paint.


For families, there is no better crafting resource than the shoebox; fortunately, they’re not hard to find. With the appropriate amount of construction paper, glue, crayons, and stickers, any shoebox can transform into a festive diorama, a funky supply box, a miniature suitcase, or a guitar strung up with elastic bands.

Office Supplies and Clothes Pins

Office supplies are not just for boring, tedious everyday tasks. They’re also great for jewelry-making. Popular sites Etsy and Pinterest are aflush with cool earrings, bracelets, and broaches made from paper clips and discarded clothes pins. All potential jewelry makers need are some beads and a sense of determination. No wonder our Mopfrog of Loudoun office supplies keep going missing.


Not only are magazines great for your mind and education, they’re also ideal for gift wrapping, crafting, and home decor!

Want to send a stylish gift to your fashionista best friend? Consider wrapping his or her gift in old fashion magazines, or even craft a bow from them. You can also utilize magazines for daring decoupage projects.