Green Seal Certification: Why It Has Important Benefits For Consumers

June 19, 2019

Many remarkable advances in sustainable living have come about in the last few years and one of the best is the creation of the non-profit organization called Green Seal. If you have not heard about this organization and the many benefits it offers, here is an in-depth look into the sustainability superstar that is helping more and more people choose to live both comfortably and sustainably.

Twenty-Five Years of Service

Green Seal, Inc. opened for business in 1989 as a response to the need for sustainability standardization. Since that time, thousands of products, services and companies have been evaluated for sustainable qualities and those that meet their strict standards are then actively identified and promoted to consumers in the marketplace.

Prior to 1989, no independent certification program existed for the purpose of rating products, services and companies for sustainability. Shoppers often had little access to factual data on the products they purchased, and instead, had to rely solely on the marketing materials published by the product’s manufacturer. That all changed when Green Seal began providing consumers with a source for all relevant data and helping them choose the best product or service for their family.

Filling Big Shoes in Sustainability

The Green Seal emblem tells consumers that the product, service or company they are considering has been found to exhibit significant health benefits for both humans and the environment. In addition, they must meet strict performance guidelines, so that consumers are confident they are getting an excellent value for their money.

Because of their success in meeting these challenges, Green Seal, Inc. has earned accolades from many organizations and groups, including one from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for successfully reducing the consumption of hazardous materials. In addition, many states in the U.S. cite Green Seal within legislation more often than any competing program of its kind.

Green Seal

What Does It Take To Receive a Green Seal?

Before any product, service or company can be awarded a Green Seal designation, they must make it through a strict certification process that includes the following steps:

  • Determine whether or not the product, service or company falls within the scope of standards
  • Complete a preliminary certification request to Green Seal support
  • Complete an application for certification
  • Complete a confidentiality agreement
  • Submit to a lengthy evaluation process by a Green Seal project manager
  • Submit to testing and any related changes and modifications
  • Submit to an on-site audit and address any corrective actions that are indicated by the audit
  • Submit to on-going monitoring after certification and periodic review processes to assure continued compliance

This in-depth approach helps assure that only those products, services and companies that conform to Green Seal’s rigid specifications are able to become certified. This allows consumers to feel confident about purchasing these products, and patronizing the services and companies that display the seal.

Consumers and businesses of all types benefit from the standardized process and attention to detail that Green Seal, Inc. applies to each evaluation. The products, services and companies that successfully complete the process can feel proud to take an active role in creating more sustainability for not only their customers, but also the earth, as a whole.

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