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4 Pesticide-free Steps to Keeping Pests Out of the Kitchen


Keeping pesticides out of your home is easier during the winter months when the temperatures limit both human and insect activity. When summer rolls around, however, the proliferation of flying and crawling pests can be enough to weaken your resolve and make you seriously consider a trip down the insecticide aisle at the local home improvement store. Before you pick up that aerosol can, take a moment to learn a few simple tips that will help keep your home both pesticide and insect-free.

Redouble Efforts to Remove Insect Attractants 

Although you are probably already keeping your kitchen clean, remember that crawling pests, like ants and cockroaches can make a meal out of the tiniest spill or crumb of food. Because these pests carry diseases that can cause illness and make allergy symptoms worse, it is important to take extra measures to force them to go elsewhere for nourishment. This can be accomplished by:

  • Do not leave pet food and water bowls out for extended periods of time.
  • Making sure to never leave food uncovered on the table or counters.
  • Using glass jars or airtight containers to store cereals, grains, sugars where insects cannot access them.
  • Add a bay leaf to dry goods like flour, rice and other grains to repel pantry pets.
  • Keeping a spray bottle filled with one part white vinegar to three parts water and using it to sanitize food prep areas and kitchen surfaces frequently throughout the day and before you retire for the night.
  • Sweeping up food crumbs from the floor and wet mopping to remove sticky residue.
  • Wiping the kitchen sink dry before retiring each night to remove excess water, which might provide a source of moisture roaches and ants.
  • Leave the cleaning to the professionals. Schedule recurring cleanings from Mopfrog of Atlantic City in order to keep your home naturally fresh and sparkling clean.

Create Insect Free Zones Around Windows and Doors

Houseflies, mosquitoes and many other common pests dislike the scents of lavender and mint. Use this information to create barriers that will repel insects without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides by:

  • Including potted varieties of mint on window sills to repel pests while adding minty freshness to your home.
  • Adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to a spray bottle and using it to spritz window screens and door ways to repel houseflies and mosquitoes

Revise Fresh Produce Handling Techniques

To avoid troublesome fruit fly infestations from produce, store them safely in the fridge until needed. If you keep your fruit on the counter, check for ripening and decay since fruit flies detect the yeast produced by fermenting fruit. Remember to take the rinds and peels to the outdoor compost pile immediately or store them in the fridge or freezer until you can dispose of them.

By increasing the pressure on troublesome insects, you can relax and enjoy a pest and pesticide-free summer.

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Shoo Fly! Natural Ways to Get Rid of Your Unwanted House Guests


With summer weather right around the corner, many of us are looking forward to opening windows and doors and welcoming the gentle breezes of summer into our homes. Unfortunately, doing this also extends a hearty welcome to an enemy of summer fun: the common house fly.

Irritating and unsanitary, this bothersome pest can enter through any tiny opening or wait to be ushered in when doors are opened. Left alone, they contaminate our food and kitchen surfaces, and spread pathogens to other areas throughout our homes.

The good news is that you do not have to resort to harsh chemicals to put out the un-welcome mat for these insects. Instead, you can use these all-natural approaches, provided by Mopfrog of North Buckhead, to discourage their presence in your home.

Lavender, Basil and Mint, Oh My!

These herbs are not just ingredients for creating pleasant fragrances in your home or for use in recipes. They also have proven insect repellant qualities and flies detest them. You can use them to discourage the common housefly throughout your home and yard by:

  • Growing lavender, basil and mint in your flower beds, gardens and pots around the perimeter of the home.
  • Placing bouquets of cut lavender, or pots of basil and mint on windowsills and near exterior doors.
  • Spritzing window screens, porches and doorways with a spray bottle that has been filled with warm water and a few drops of lavender oil.
  • Making a tea from basil or mint leaves, to strain and use as a insect repellent spray

An All-Natural Fly Trap for Outdoor Dining Enjoyment!

Dining outdoors does not have to include swatting flies or spraying the perimeter with chemicals. Simply halve a couple of lemons and push some cloves into the cut surface, with the pointed end of the clove up. The combination of fresh lemon and pungent cloves is too much for flies to handle and you will get to enjoy a peaceful meal!

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