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A Greener Life (Part Two): Growing Delicious Food in Small Spaces


The crunch of freshly cut greens in a salad or that first bite into a tomato fresh from the vine are indescribable experiences to people who limit themselves to supermarket produce due to the mistaken belief that they lack the time or space to garden. Mopfrog of Danbury, an eco-friendly cleaning company, offers the following container gardening tips in order to enjoy fresh edibles from small living spaces.

Finding Space to Garden

If you have shied away from home gardening because you are convinced that you will have to till up your entire backyard, or perform hours of back-breaking labor, such as pulling up weeds, you will be pleased to know that this is not the case. Gardening can fit easily into both tiny apartments and hectic work schedules.

Finding a Location

Once you realize that gardening does not have to be done on a massive scale to be successful, it becomes far easier to see the possibilities in your own home situation. For those who live in urban neighborhoods where digging up a plot in the backyard is not possible, container gardens can be placed on a windowsill, balcony, deck or even tucked into an unused corner of a building’s rooftop. If none of these options are available, consider joining a community gardening group where you can rent or share a plot of ground in your neighborhood for gardening.

Deciding What to Plant

It can be easy to stray out into the weeds when trying to decide what to plant because of the endless possibilities. If you are a beginning gardener, consider starting with easy-to-grow varieties of produce that you regularly consume, such as greens, fresh herbs or cherry tomatoes and then adding other varieties as your confidence level soars.

Salad greens grow fast and can often be harvested multiple times from a single planting to provide a constant supply. In fact, even experienced gardeners who grow vegetables each summer in a traditional plot setting often grow greens and other low maintenance plants inside to enjoy during the winter. After planting, most greens require only water to flourish and the harvesting can often begin just two to three weeks after planting.

Learning to add to your family’s diet through gardening is a worthwhile skill with tasty, nutritious rewards. Check back for additional tips on gardening and other ways to live more lightly upon the earth.

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