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Tips for Hosting Overnight Holiday Guests

The holiday season is a truly wonderful time to reconnect and get together with old friends and family members that you might not get to spend a lot of time with during the year. Unfortunately, it can also be a stressful time, especially if you have guests that are going to be staying with you, coupled with the normal hustle and bustle that these busy months of the year usually bring with them. These little hospitable tips will help create a little extra space and allow for your guests to feel at home.


For starters, you’ll definitely want to get your home in tip-top shape for overnight guests. Set aside time to dust surfaces, wipe down counter tops and vacuum the floors. Unused guest rooms can often be overlooked in the normal cleaning routine of your home. If time just isn’t on your side this holiday season, leave the household chores to the professionals. Mopfrog’s green cleaning experts will come in, tidy up and leave your home looking spotless.

Add a few special touches when prepping the guest room. Make sure that the room has freshly washed linens and plenty of pillows. Consider the weather and provide extra blankets, if needed. Since guest bedding is used infrequently, sheets can become stale and thus, it is best to wash the sheets just before your guests arrive.  

It is also important to make space in the room’s closet, guest bathroom and linen closet. Guest closets might often have some overflow from the other closets in the home, so keep in mind that you don’t want to make guests feel like you’re being put out by having them there. Be sure to make room for hanging items in their suitcase like dress clothes.

Provide your guests with the necessities. When storing extra towels, make sure to store various important items at eye level and those that are used less frequently higher or lower in closets – this will make important items easier for your guests to find. As an extra touch, keep a few extra toiletries out like soap, shampoo and condition, and body lotion for your guests to use – travel size goodies work well too. Lastly, make sure toilet paper is well stocked. 

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