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The Fragrance Dilemma: A Practical Guide to Avoiding Unwanted Fragrances in the Products You Purchase


As manufacturers strive to increase consumer interest in their products, they often include the addition of distinct fragrances as part of their overall marketing strategy. This means that many products designed for cleaning the home, doing laundry or taking care of personal hygiene needs now includes chemical fragrance additives. For some consumers, this deluge of fragrance is merely unpleasant, but for others it is a problem that can actually cause or worsen health conditions, such as respiratory illnesses and allergies.

The Truth About Unscented

Consumers who want to avoid fragrances in the products they purchase often reach for ones marked unscented. However, because unscented products are allowed to contain chemical masking agents that work to suppress scent, purchasing unscented products may not be the best option for those who are sensitive to chemicals or prefer a fragrance-free option.

Why Fragrance-Free is Better Than Unscented

Unlike unscented products that are allowed to contain chemical masking agents, fragrance-free products do not use either fragrances or chemical masking agents. Because some product labels use different words to denote fragrance additives, consumers should always take a moment to look through the list of ingredients for words that indicate a fragrance is included in the product recipe. These words include:

  • Fragrance or fragrance additive
  • Perfuming agent
  • Perfume
  • Parfum

In addition, be aware that although manufacturers must abide by the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA), they are not required to disclose information about certain fragrances or additives that combine to create flavor and fragrance formulas considered to be a manufacturer’s trade secret.

A Simple Plan to Avoid Chemical Fragrances

The simplest way to avoid chemical fragrances or additives designed to suppress scents in the products you buy is to choose all-natural products manufactured by companies who voluntarily disclose every ingredient in their product or in which their product has been third party certified. Instead of chemical additives, these companies use natural essential oils to provide a pleasant fragrance or sell their product without the addition of any fragrance at all.

In addition, consumers can choose to learn how to use all-natural pantry ingredients that have no chemical additives and are safe for use around kids, pets and people who suffer allergies or respiratory illnesses. These items include:

  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Lemon juice

Put it to the Test

If you have doubts that these simple ingredients can really clean and freshen your home, put it to the test by scheduling a cleaning appointment with Mopfrog of Lunenburg, an eco-friendly cleaning company that has successfully cleaned thousands of homes and businesses with natural cleaning methods. The cleaning experience you receive will convince you that your home cleaning needs really can be met with simple, natural products.

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