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Allergies & Seasonal Greenery

Evergreen swags and boughs of holly may add to the seasonal charm, but they can also add to seasonal allergies. Surprisingly, both real and artificial greenery can cause breathing issues. However, understanding the underlying causes of these allergy flare-ups can also help you eliminate them. Here are some tips to keep you breathing free this holiday season.


Live Christmas Trees and Wreaths

One of the most joyous aspects of the holiday season is trimming the tree; however, sneezing and sniffling do not make for a merry time. Evergreens, including live trees, wreaths and boughs, can trigger sinuses and asthma, as well as affect indoor airquality. These symptoms are often triggered due to the microscopic mold spores that grow on the branches. Mold spores thrive in damp areas, and evergreens retain their moisture fairly well. We also contribute to the situation by placing trees in water-filled stands or misting live greenery with water to keep it looking fresh. If you suffer from mold allergies, it’s best to avoid fresh trees, boughs and wreaths. Instead opt for artificial options.

Those who just can’t live without a pine-scented Christmas should try to remove most of the mold and pollen from the tree before bringing it inside. Start by blowing the greenery off thoroughly using a leaf blower. Then, wipe down the trunk with an all-natural cleaning product, such as vinegar solution to eliminate any additional mold and other allergens. In addition, always wear long sleeves, gloves and a mask when transporting or handling a live tree.

Artificial Holiday Decorations

Artificial holiday decorations offer many benefits including lasting for years. However, these decorations can also trigger allergy symptoms. Most people store their holiday décor in the attic, basement or garage.  Not only can they accumulate dust, but also if stored improperly they can become damp and moldy. To avoid triggering a reaction, clean your decorations before adorning your home. To avoid future mold and dust accumulation, always store artificial greenery and other holiday décor in dry, air tight containers.

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