4 Smart Ways Your Office Can Go Green

October 20, 2019

Due to the way the world rapidly uses up natural resources, you might have recently started to worry about the impact your company operations have on the environment. Although your office does not have as much of an effect as industrial applications, offices can still consume natural resources at an alarming rate. Thankfully, you can make a few smart choices that help reduce your impact on the Earth. Here are 4 simple ways your office can go green today:

Switch To Digital Documents

The switch to digital documents drastically reduces the amount of paper your office goes through each year. By sending your paperwork through internet connections, you keep trees planted and thriving. You also reduce the energy it takes to process that waste once it leaves your office building. Digital documents are safe, secure and convenient, so there’s no reason to avoid the switch.

Use Recycled Office Supplies

The use of recycled office supplies reduces consumption and waste to make your office a picture of green efficiency. Turning around and recycling all of your used supplies brings the entire process full circle. You can help neutralize your office’s effect on the environment by limiting the use of products created directly from natural resources.

Hire Eco Friendly Cleaners

Eco friendly cleaning companies, like Mopfrog, can help you reach your green goals by only utilizing environmentally friendly products. Mopfrog’s professional cleaning services will leave your office space sparkling and sanitary without taking a toll on the local environment. The cleaning team can also limit water and electricity use by way of eco-conscious cleaning practices.

Limit Electricity Consumption

You can greatly control the effect your office has on the environment by limiting electricity consumption team wide. Instruct your IT team to put all computers in power saving mode to keep energy levels to a minimum. In power saving mode, monitor brightness is limited and all of the equipment goes to sleep after sitting idle for a few minutes.  

Upon making the above changes, your carbon footprint will start to shrink to an acceptable range. Although the individual changes feel fairly minimal on their own, the total effect is actually quite awe-inspiring. So go ahead and switch to digital documents, use recycled office supplies, hire green cleaners, like Mopfrog, and limit electricity consumption to make your office environmentally friendly.